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Welcome to Northland Midwifery

Homebirth services in the Duluth MN area.

At Northland Midwifery we believe this is your journey, whether we join you prenatally, at your birth and/or postpartum we are pleased to provide education, support, and compassion. Our experienced team will be with you every step of your birthing journey. Call us today for a free consultation.

Meet Our Team

Dionne Corcoran
Dionne CorcoranMidwife
Dionne has served women for eight years in Wisconsin and in Minnesota. She believes that each mother deserves the support and expertise that a midwife brings to the childbearing process. She honors her clients diversity and the transformative experience of birth. Before moving to Minnesota, Dionne owned a busy birth center in southern Wisconsin where she worked extensively with the Old Order Amish community. Now living in Superior, she is excited to offer herself as a resource within the birthing community here.
Shelly Collelo
Shelly ColleloOffice Manager
Shelly felt the pull toward birth work during her first pregnancy, when she became passionate about mamas, birth, and babies. As a doula, she attended nine births ranging from a planned c-section to a homebirth and during that time completed DONA’s birth doula certification. After a hospital birth with her first, she had two home births. Her second home birth was with Dionne as her midwife.
Shelly is happily married and a praying mama to four; three on earth and one in heaven. Shelly enjoys singing and dancing around her home with her children, encouraging mamas online, and watching TV shows with her husband.
Dionne’s Experience as a Midwife-as of July 14, 2017
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Home births as primary/managing midwife
Home birth as primary to the midwife
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Dionne truly became apart of our family. She was so supportive during my difficulties with breastfeeding and helped me find answers and gave me hope. We are still nursing to this day at 18 months old. I credit Dionne’s support to our nursing longevity. With out question I would do it all over again with Dionne.
Aron & Kyle Thering
I was amazed at your calm and expertise. I appreciated your willingness to have prescription pain medications for the afterbirth contractions. Having had several children yourself, you knew what I was in need of! I don’t think I knew that you had previously served as a doula, and the deep massage you offered during labor (not to mention during prenatal care!) was fabulous! You knew just what to do!
D. A.
Once labor had set in we felt so confident and prepared for the delivery all thanks to the knowledge and training that Dionne had shared. With all our hard work and dedication our daughter came into this world happy and healthy. All this being said, when I get asked if I would do it again the same with future pregnancies, I can without hesitation and from the bottom of my heart say that there is no better/other way than with Dionne!
Jayd Zurn
Dionne took her time to listen and I felt like I was receiving excellent care throughout my pregnancy. During the labor and delivery of our 4th son Dionne was reassuring, patient, calm and very skilled at midwifery. It was another successful home birth for my husband and I. We loved that my mother-in-law and children were all able to be a part of something so special. Thanks Dionne for helping us bring Conall into this world in a wonderful way!
Anne and Finn
If you’re looking for a midwife that will be there for you and knows her trade well, look no further than Dionne. My entire care, from prenatal to postpartum and everything in between, would not have been the same without her. I took comfort in knowing I had such a caring professional at my side.
On the day of our daughters birth, she was calm and collected. She helped put my mind at ease and explained what was to come. She offered help when it was asked, and was able to coach me thru the process of birth. She caught our little girl with welcoming and knowledgeable hands. When asked by friends and family, “if I would choose this birth plan again?” I would, and Dionne has a great part to play in that. Without her guidance and knowledge, I would have had a longer, harder, and typical hospital birth. I am grateful to Dionne for her care.
Amna Hanson
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