About Dionne

Dionne has served women for 11 years in Wisconsin and in Minnesota. She believes that each mother deserves the support and expertise that a midwife brings to the childbearing process. She honors her clients diversity and the transformative experience of birth. Before moving to Minnesota, Dionne owned a busy birth center in southern Wisconsin where she worked extensively with the Old Order Amish community. Now living in Duluth, she is excited to offer herself as a resource within the birthing community here.

Dionne received her midwifery degree from Southwestern Wisconsin Technical College in 2010 and later that year she received her CPM certification. Her apprenticeship was primarily at a clinic in LaFarge Wisconsin working with Dr. James Deline and Physicians Assistant/midwife Lisa Varnes Epstein. Dionne also worked with various other midwives in home birth settings.

Dionne is currently a Certified Professional Midwife, a Licensed Midwife in Wisconsin, and a Licensed Traditional Midwife in Minnesota. She is a member of the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives and The Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives. She is an active preceptor for several midwifery programs and enjoys teaching future midwives.

Dionne is happily married and the mother of seven. Dionne enjoys writing, traveling and snuggling on the couch with her kitties.


Want to become a midwife?

We at Northland Midwifery firmly believe that more midwives need to be available. As such, we feel strongly about precepting the next generation of midwives. Because of the many inquires regarding student placement we ask that you send us a resume and cover letter, letting us know what you are looking for in a preceptorship as well as your personal history and experience. Please send them to Northlandmidwifery@gmail.com attn Dionne