//Don’t Haunt Your Own Birth

Don’t Haunt Your Own Birth

I have heard many people talk about ghosts being people who have ‘unfinished business. ‘ I don’t know whether or not that’s true, but I do know that unfinished business can prevent labor from starting. If there is a dangerous situation in the wild, a laboring animal will stop her labor and continue it later when she is safe. Human mothers who feel a large amount of stress due to a bad home situation, an emotional issue with a loved one, or extreme fear of birth may have a hard time starting labor. Smaller things, like fear of displacing your older child or being unsure of baby names can also inhibit contractions. The best thing to do in these situations is to address the issue if at all possible, or just acknowledge your feelings if you can’t solve the problem outright. You can try:

Calling a loved one and talking about your feelings.

Stretching your hips to release tension and emotion.

Taking a bath with epsom salts.

Exercise–swimming, walking, or dancing to good music. If a feeling of being unprepared is your issue, clean your house and organize your baby supplies.

Spending special time with your family. Try taking your older kids to the park or going out to dinner with your husband. Go shopping or to a movie with your mom or your best friend. If you’re worried about a relationship, put a little time into it. The good feelings might calm you down enough to climb over the threshhold.

Watching a feel-good movie to make you laugh, or an emotional movie to make you cry. You could also re-read a book that had a large impact on you. Choose something tried and true over something new. This is about unlocking trapped emotions.

Looking at old pictures or watching old family videos. Bust out your wedding album or the pics of a favorite vacation.

Cooking some comfort food. Bake your grandma’s special dessert or your dad’s famous meatballs.

Canceling your responsibilities and just stay home for a few days. Give yourself a vacation. Wrap yourself in a blanket on the couch and cuddle your cat.

Making an appointment to get you hair or nails done. You could also try a massage or a facial. Just choose something indulgent that makes you feel special.

Going to church. If you’re religious or were raised with religion, it can be a comfort. If you’re Catholic, try confession. Just praying at home may help identify your problem or help you let it go.

Being in nature. Dress appropriately and get a few minutes of fresh air. Watch the sunrise or sunset or look at the moon. Your life is about to change, but so many women before you have gone through this too.

Writing your feelings down. You will never be in this moment again, and believe it or not, it will be hard to remember it in just a few days.

The end of pregnancy is a time stands still sort of moment. Like a ghost, you are trapped in the world while a part of you is already moving on. The change is inevitable, so embrace it. Don’t haunt your own birth.


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