//Why Should I choose a home birth?

Why Should I choose a home birth?

  • Statistics show that home birth is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low-risk women with adequate prenatal care and a qualified attendant.
  • At home a woman can labor and birth in the privacy and comfort of the familiar surroundings of her own home, surrounded by loved-ones, in whatever positions and attire she finds most comfortable.
  • You maintain control over everything impacting your labor and birth. Your needs are the focus of all who are present. Nothing is done to you without your consent.
  • Labor is allowed to progress normally, without interference and unnecessary interventions.
  • Studies show that the risk of infection is reduced for both the mother and the baby.
  • During labor you are encouraged to eat, drink, walk, change positions, make noise, shower, bathe, etc.
  • Care-givers are invited guests in the birthing woman’s home. You can have anyone you desire present: family, friends, children, photographer etc.
  • Your medical team (midwife and birth assistant) do not go home because their shift has ended, because it was supposed to be their day off, it is a holiday or because they planned something else.
  • You doesn’t have to worry about when to go to the hospital. Your midwife comes to you.
  • Continuous one-on-one care is given by the midwife, providing ongoing assessment of the baby’s and mother’s condition throughout the birth process and postpartum period.
  • Your midwife knows you well and you know your midwife well.
  • You are supported through the hard work of labor, and encouraged to realize the insights, and experience the personal growth as a human being to be derived from such a powerful, life-changing event.
  • Bonding is enhanced and includes everyone who has contact with the baby. Breast feeding is facilitated by the baby remaining with the mother.
  • Cesarean Section and forceps deliveries are unavailable. Transportation to the hospital is necessary if these interventions are required. However, rates of both, as well as episiotomy, are very low.
  • The cost of a home birth is less than a hospital birth
  • Pregnancy and birth are viewed as normal, natural body functions and not as an illness or disease.

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